Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sneaking out already??

Last weekend Rick and I went out with some friends for the evening.  We knew we would be out past bedtime so we told the girls it was up to them to get to bed on time.  True to form, Julee shrugged her shoulders and nodded okay; while Alexis proceeded to spend the next few minutes informing us of all the reasons why it was unfair that she should have to go to bed on time while we were out "partying" (her words, not mine).  Even when we talked to them on the phone as they were going to bed, Alexis' "I love you too" had multiple meanings.  When we got home that night, I went to check on them and kiss them goodnight.  This is what I found...............
Whew - a sleeping angel in her bed
Or not.......Big Stitch, what's going on? Where's Alexis?
We found our bed. I guess she showed us, huh?
I am not even going to try to deny that more often than not she gets the best of us; but she always has, hasn't she?  That's what makes her our Lekkis!