Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Christmas 2010 was AWESOME!   We mostly stayed home and hung out as a family. We had a good time watching movies, playing games, and sleeping in.

Christmas Eve brought new jammies
 Santa ate almost all the cookies
And he brought presents
New socks are always on the list
Alexis was thrilled to get stuff for her zhu zhu pets
Julee was excited to get the long awaited for Ipod Touch
Rick was super surprised to unwrap an iPad. Can you tell?
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Traditions

As usual, this holiday season was filled with some of our favorite traditions:

We made gingerbread houses

Saw the lights in Washington Park

Hung out with friends
Made and frosted Christmas cookies
And ate a chocolate yule log
We can't wait to do it all again next year!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Grandmama and Grandpa Bear Came to Visit

Grandmama and Grandpa Bear came to visit us around Halloween.  We had so much fun with them and were sad to see them go home to Arizona.  Here are a few highlights of all we did while they were here (and since my mom is now a famous radio personality (see here) I'm sure she won't mind all the pictures of her in here):

Admired lots of pretty colors not seen in desert lands
 Ate a lot of stuff that was really bad for us
 Acted silly at Yankee Candle Factory
 Rick and my turn
 Even Grandma and Grandpa got in on the fun
 Saw that Grandma had her first indoor snowstorm
 Pretended to like each other because Santa was watching
 Made new friends
  Chilled out at a hotel in Massachusetts (seriously, can't take my 
parents anywhere - they just act like they're at home)
 Took advantage of the hotel swimming pool
 Hogged the hotel TV to watch NCIS
 Took a Halloween train ride
 Actually had a lot of fun on said train ride
 Hung out with witches
 And train conductors
Played Legos and lots of other games
But mostly, we just enjoyed each others company
We can't wait for them to come visit again!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Lekkis!!

Today Alexis turns 10!!

Here are ten things you may or may not know about Alexis:
1. She is in the TAG program at school
2. She loves all animals - even the gross ones like mice and snakes
3. She loves pink
4. She makes friends very easily and gets along with almost everybody
5. You never know which end of the bed you will find her head when you wake her up in the morning
6. She is quite the artist - she especially likes to design clothing
7. Just last week she chugged lemon juice for 5 bucks
8. She is willing to try anything once (this is not good for the parents)
9. She is learning how to play the trombone
10. She still walks on her toes no matter how many times we tell her God gave her heels to walk on