Thursday, July 23, 2009

Out with the old....In with the new

As you know, we had to retire our old couch a few weeks ago. The challenge was what to replace it with since there was no way we could get another couch up our stairs. As we started shopping, we realized that we probably wouldn't even be able to get a loveseat up our stairs. After many visits to the local furniture stores, we found a big poofy chair and 2 leather chairs that we liked. We've had them for a couple of weeks now but today we finally completed the look. The bench ottoman that we've been wanting went on sale this week so we were able to get it as well as a new area rug to coordinate. The pink bean bag is Alexis' contribution to the decor. We are loving our new living room!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Mommy/Daughter Date

Since Julee is hanging out with extended family in Arizona and Rick is on his way back from a week long training at Ft Knox, KY; Alexis and I spent our Saturday at the mall. We started off at Build-a-Bear where Alexis got her new friend, Chocolate, even though another stuffed animal was the last thing in this world that she needed. Her justification - "But Mom, why waste a perfectly good $10 off coupon?" I thought I had that coupon hidden away...guess not.

Then we were on to lunch - Chinese for Alexis and Arby's for me. I tried to convince Alexis that we should go to Pizzeria Uno or Ruby Tuesdays but she will ALWAYS pick the Food Court if we are at the mall. She does not take after her mother in that respect. After lunch we stopped in at CVS for some contraband candy on our way to see the new Ice Age movie in 3D. Correction, "eye-popping" 3D. It was a cute movie and quite funny as they usually tend to be. I fell in love with the baby dinosaurs

and then with Peaches the baby mammoth - too CUTE!

After the movie, we stopped at the grocery store for our typical Saturday shopping. Now I should be picking up the house before Rick gets home so I can pretend it was clean all week. Somehow, I think he knows better than that. Oh well, playtime is over....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ricklee's Ramblings

So.....Rick went away on a business trip and came back to inform me that while sitting in the back of the room in a very 'boring' meeting that had nothing to do with him or his job, he decided to start his own blog. He is very excited about this new venture, as am I, since I am rarely willing to indulge his 'interesting' post ideas. For those of you who know Rick, this should prove to be quite enlightening. For those of you who don't, this should still prove to be quite enlightening.
Ricklee's Ramblings is now showing at a URL near you! Go babe!