Sunday, October 7, 2012

How To Train Your Dragon

So by now everybody knows that I won VIP tickets to How To Train Your Dragon.  Being caller number 9 has never been so easy before and we scored a sweet prize! We had so much fun at the show and thought the whole thing was super cool!  See for yourself.....

Alexis & Julee were super excited!

Julee & Alexis were super excited!

The Isle of Berk looked strangely like the Times Union Center but we were willing to go along with it.

We first went to get our pictures taken - these 3 make scary vikings!

The green screen behind us actually looks better than the background they super-imposed for our souvenir picture. 

Special laminate passes always make you feel official and kind of cool.

Julee & Alexis trying to steal the limelight.

But after some crazy chanting and stomping, Astrid and Hiccup made their appearance.

 Of course you cannot see a show without snacks!

 The set was pretty cool - half projected, half real.

They cut the arena in half and put up this huge "screen" that had 4 projectors on it at once.  In all the holes cut into the screen, there are people standing in the windows and doorways of their houses.

Fighting Gronkle at Dragon Training.

Next the dragon trainees went up against the Deadly Nadder.

Finally, Monstrous Nightmare was in the training schedule.

 Bravest of all, Toothless and Hiccup fight the Red Death.

Relieved that Hiccup is alive, the dragons throw the party of the century.

Of course, there is always a happy ending and dragons and humans become friends.
(I think this is our favorite picture of all)

This is a great picture where you can see Toothless flying by as the actors take their bows.

This picture gives you a good idea of all the special effects that went into the show.  If you look closely, you can see Toothless flying by.

After the show, we got to stick around and hang out with our friend Barry the Bold. He told us all the secrets behind the show, the characters, and the DRAGONS!

 Toothless hung around for awhile after the show too!

 We also got some great shots of the Deadly Nadder and the Red Death.

Unfortunately, all of these pictures don't begin to do it all justice.  So if How To Train Your Dragon rolls through your town, GO SEE IT!

(And just for the record, when I called into the radio station in an attempt to be caller #9, I was NOT at work.  I may have been driving and dialing, but I was NOT at work)