Sunday, September 30, 2012


As you all know, the beginning of the school year means volleyball, volleyball, and a little more volleyball.  Julee is playing on the JV team again this year and mostly plays the position of lead setter.  She is playing great this year and continues to become a better player at each game.

Julee is the speck at the back foul line of the court.

In this one, she is the closest one on the left side of the net.

Getting ready to serve.

The serve.
She has come so far with her serves and nails almost every one.

 Ready to go.

 Over the net Julee! (she did make it and scored a point)

 A typical day for Julee is up by 530am for seminary and she doesn't get home until after 7pm on game days.   Then there's dinner, homework, chores (though I do take pity on her most days), and whatever other stuff we have going on.  I have to give her tons of credit because life is really kicking her butt right now and she keeps plowing through with a smile.  Go Julee!

P.S. And if all of this doesn't make you tired enough; every time we go to one of Julee's games, Alexis points to the soccer players out on the field and asks, "Mom, what are you going to do next year when I'm out there and Julee's in on the volleyball court?"  Seriously?!?!